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1. I Refuse

Yo Baby, Wassup? What we have is so special; Yeah, I know; What u doing now? left my man, back de night at 5, just trying to make things work, He I never thought I see u again, I never thought I see u...

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2. In da Ghetto

[Verse 1:]; Everything that I wanted to do; Seems like it was hard to do; But my daddy told me son just believe; and the things will come to you; and if it's in God's plan; it's gonna happen anyway; a...

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3. Long Ways

Listen; funny how you wake up; say you wanna break up; you say times out my Jacob; you've been watching and observing; and don't know where we're going; you ain't got time for blowing; it's apparent h...

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4. Where Were You?

Yeah check this out; I'm gonna ask you a question; Where were you on that night; See I remember (Sugar); I know where I was at; Hah lets reminisce about it (where were you); When u first heard Biggie ...

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5. Your Portrait

[SPOKEN:]; Yeah oh yeah; Listen, Said I wanna talk to you lady; I'm not ashamed to let you know; Yeah, everybody listen; [Verse 1:]; Waking up in the middle of the night; I turn over and reach for you...

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