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1. #54

I got you to depend on me; Surrounding disappointments, don't you think? I know you knew that; They'll get tired of us, you see? We'll get tired of them eventually; That's how life treats us; People d...

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2. Alone

I feel the walls all around me continually change; The silence it shakes me like a magic eight ball in my hands; Cause everybody from the start just wanted to kill me; And everything that I had known ...

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3. Angel

I'm a shadow passing by; Lurking through the window; Hovering through the sky; Keep an eye out for the signs; Telling you to walk out; Telling you to go now; I'm a shadow passing by; Guising as a colo...

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4. Do You Want Me?

How do we stop this now? Feels like we're enemies; When rules just don't apply; Let's have a game and bet who wins; Breathe me in, I'll breath you out; Strike the mood, the words allow; You to me and ...

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5. Everyday

Spinning around in the hot summer sun; Shooting through space as though shot from a gun; Towards a target yet unknown; I think our minds will be blown; if we get there; Pressure will hold you down; An...

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6. Frankenstein

Your words they cut me like a knife; Your face a print that won't go bad; I'll take my time I'm free from you; Wish I could be build me a Frankenstein; Blend all of you into one; Wish I could see thro...

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7. Holy Man

He doesn't charge any fees for his service; Free-will confessions often, they are made to him; Put up your arms, try to feel the uncertainty; The very thought of everything is something real; But when...

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8. Jack & Coke

I've been driving in my car with my old friend; Try to find some peace of mind and I just can't; Your face it lies; Say you wanted to; Your face it tries; To be someone new; And it seems so far away; ...

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9. Neither Side

Unfamiliar places; Just won't let you in; Blending with these faces; Think of just giving in; Sweet hallucinations; Mechanism of defense; Neither side can save me; No one's in control; Lost a chase wi...

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10. This is The End

This is the end; But I don't know why I keep pretending; It's all memories; And it's you that took the most of it, it's sad to see; Call maybe two, once or twice during the afternoon and; All of these...

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11. You Vs Me

I've become so tired; All these thoughts in my dreams; I've been playing with fire; With no one to save me; I've been lost in war; It feels like I've been here before, long time ago; Feels so alone, t...

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