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1. City Lights

Flying through the sky on a twilight night; Looking down at all the city lights; I've never seen them shine so bright; Sitting here on this flight; The plane i'm on zooms over somebody's head; Wakes t...

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2. Corporation Property

[Jed]; She’s in her own world; Celebrity girl; She doesn’t know what life’s like down here; She’s been sold, she’s been bought; Corporation Property; How in this world can she be happy ? (Chorus:); Ho...

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3. Dog Tagged

CD]; Gotta work hard, Punch in my card, Put my leash on (whip) must work faster; Gotta watch the stats, while I'm chained to the fax; Sit down and obey my master; Gotta run real fast, 'Til I'm home at...

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4. Freedom

CD]; It's been said many times that this is a free country, I look around, I haven't found anything truly free, I can't believe society ain't put a price on me, Cos in the end, believe me friend, it's...

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5. God's Children

[Jed]; I remember when I was a little girl; Thrown head first into this crazy world; Safe was all I'd wanna feel; Only our pain makes this life seem real? Teachers trying to explain war; I'm sat tryin...

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6. Heaven

[Jed]; Droplets of light; Piercing through this ever-lasting darkness; Searching for life; So we don't have to feel so alien; What is the price? To send my soul back into the light; Would it feel righ...

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7. Mass Confusion

[Jed]; Focussed eyes they stare but yet they still just don't see, Darkness spills it's shadows over into you & me, The skies look sort of hazy it must be my weepy eyes, No purchase necessary we just ...

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8. Migraine

[CD]; Keep my head together make me head strong; Keep my head together keep me headstrong; Keep my thoughts short 'cause they're so long; Keep the pain smothered like a smoke bong; Keep my mind togeth...

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9. Unanswered Questions

[CD]; How many people feel this way ? Same shit, different day, Seems everybody's got something to say, Desperate acts, foul play; How could God have made us this way ? We're all just left to go our o...

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