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1. Cool At All

Let me tell you about this guy that I used to know; Knew all the lyrics to all the pop songs; McFly and Busted; Jonas Brothers on his radio; Denies the fact he was singing along; It's too late if they...

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2. Everything I Want

I can hardly wait to tell all the guys, about how much her eyes sparkle; when she looks into mine; and how I can't express the feeling inside, I think i'm losing my mind; cause she's everything I want...

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3. Hilary

I saw you; You were on tv; Everything you do is hypnotizing; I love the way you talk; The way you smile at me; You're only 17; And it's surprising; I think your boyfriend's lucky; He isn't worthy trus...

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4. It's Just You

had a smile on my face last night, sleeping with you by my side; and pop princess is our favorite; you slept right next to me, you layed there quietly; you looked so good with my t-shirt on; I lye awa...

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5. Time

rain drops on your window; i count when your away; scares me that i’m hoping; won’t wake up today; hurts me that i love you; it just felt right to say; and now im gonna miss you; but now you’ve gone a...

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