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1. Fall Back Together

Our love won't die, at least that's what I planned on, planned for us. Look to the sky, our eyes they stare at red lights, over the lake. (Stars are shining); As night goes by and we try so hard to sa...

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2. Predictable Setup

Pretty independent, Certainly pretty, Favoring blurred lines. Well how sharp can this get? Not the usual result, From the predictable set up. ; We stayed up really late, we'd wish that everything fell...

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3. Sunset Of Bullets

We stand in line like ducks in rows, we're crushing one anothers toes, And if you asked me I'd say that this situation doesn't, Matter to us. We were the first to kill the fuss, If silent screaming we...

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4. Under The Whether

Alright babe, these words might seem a little cliché; (as much as you want them to); But maybe being creative can't portray, that im in the know on the games that you play, and I was never one for los...

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