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1. Autumn Grey

Moving around on your own and you're bloated; Trying to walk out your door but you're loaded; I feel the words you hear; I climb the walls you build; You hide the truth with lies; I'll miss these long...

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2. Catch The Sun

Breathe in and out again; And pray that it isn't all in my head; If I'm getting out of bed; Then I'm getting off the ground; If you're going to say to me I have to; Take the fall; I'm only, I am only ...

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3. Circle Of Life

Who's that making out with an angry mind; Fearful, Dark and Wandering; Futile practice with the wisdom of the changes; Concentrating on the blind; Oh yeah! It's already started; No way to stop the han...

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4. Dead

Take, Take a look behind you; A little look inside you; All you've known has gone up and down; And break, I'm just a little bit angry; Just a little bit angry; All I've got is this shell, I've found; ...

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5. Dust

I can't save you; I can't believe you; I am the ground where you will lie; I am the wind wher you will fly; We've lost in a place; Where time is holding a sick, sick pace; We're starting to rust; when...

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6. Feel Alive

I'd like to - Walk beside my hidden fear; I'd like to - Gaze into the clear; I'd like to - have my spirit unbound and free again; I'd like to - Live without this constant pain; Feel alive; I'd like to...

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7. Freaks And Pigs

Freaks And PigsShelter, Shelter won't you rescue me; My soul has fallen from the sky; I've eaten all that you said to me was true; And I'm facing hatred for my life; For so long, I've been lost; My fa...

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8. Gingerbread Man

I'm just a gingerbread man; Living in a gingerbread land; Doesn't matter what I feel; Doesn't matter what you feel; Doesn't matter what I say; Doesn't matter anyway; Am I only enamel? Am I really edib...

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9. Godless

Godless; I'm Checking into leaving, yeah I'm folding; I'm Tired of breaking down and shaking; This life around; I'm Tired of praying, yeah I'm tired of trying myself; I'm tired of being taken all the ...

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10. It's Alright

Call today the last of anything that I'll take from you; I've had enough of this; Don't push me, shove me, hate me or anyone else; Don't tell me I'll be nothing; Don't you know; It's alright; It's alr...

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11. My Life

Rain is falling inside my head; The pain is always there to stop the pain from shining; I and the world feels heavy; Oh I can feel my eyes have kept the pain; From a world that is empty again; And I f...

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12. Shame

A one way ticket to a place that's cold and ill; The following twisted dream is what keeps me in this seal; Could have been a doctor, or a Harvard priest; But I wound up being a freak like me; Shame, ...

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13. Shut Up

Shut up where are you going? Don't you know I'm talking to you? I said sit down, pay attention; All right then go to your room; Hey now don't you listen; How many times have I got to tell you; You kno...

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14. The Hurt

So close but we both seem miles away; I've been so tired and it's too late to end the day; So ends the wait and we both need not wonder why; Cold heart and cold winds too lost to watch good-byes; Her ...

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