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1. Angel

I've been thinking, You're like an angel, with wings attached. I know, you can't get rid love you feel for her; But you need, you need fly; Chorus; Fly, do not be afraid of flying; I'll be here waitin...

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2. Broken Heart

Please help me; My heart is broken; Only tou can help me; I need you; I need you for breathe; I need you, I love you. ; My heart is broken; I need you; I try sleep, but I can't; You broken my heart; I...

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3. Music For You

Do you know what's this? It's a music for you. Do you know why I do this? Because I love you. ; Now tell me why she doesn't do this for you. ; Because she don't love you like me; I love you; So why ca...

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4. Shine

Sit here; Speak about your love; When you finished I confirmed anything you speak; Because she is anything to you and you're anything to me. ; I love you; Look at me; Because when I look at you; My ey...

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