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1. Arm Out Of Socket

My arm’s out of socket; You’re still out of reach; Come a little closer; I swear I’m trying; Tell me why your head hurts; I’ll tell you the same; If you can’t take me there; I can’t take the pain. ; Y...

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2. Crushed Adolescence

Searching for a song; That sings my feelings; Knowing all along; That it won't heal me; Torchering my tears; I try to make them stall; I didn't mean to fall; Day turns into night; You're still in my h...

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3. Epidermia

This suit is tailored but it still doesn’t quite fit; And I don’t smoke but yet I’m still trying to quit; Even the devil once wore wings; Yeah I know and it feels like I’m running; OUT… RUNNING OUT OF...

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4. Everybody's Against Me

Mom and Dad don't like the clothes I wear; Don't like my friends, don't like my music or my colored hair; Will Smith was right when he was still the Prince still Fresh; I'd give up both of my dumb par...

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5. Going To Pasalacqua

Here we go again, infatuation; Touches me just when I; Thought that it would end; Oh but then again it seems; Much more than that but; I'm not sure exactly what you're thinking; I toss and turn all ni...

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6. I Believe This Knife Belongs To You

Don’t think I don’t think about the knife; Resting in my spine; Open wound dripping blood stained on my back; It’s just a matter of time; YOU’LL GET WHAT YOU DESERVE; YOU’LL GET WHAT’S COMING TO YOU; ...

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7. Make This Right

You can bare your back to me; Watch my eyes remain in statue; As you expose your wings; Almost immediately; My eyes shut from the frustration; Of all the echoing; Communication is foreign; All our cri...

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8. Mouth

Damn this life confuses; It uses and abuses; With so many stupid games I don't wanna play; Ok. ; Where do I belong? Everywhere feels wrong; Things keep changing; It's a rearranging story; It's a myste...

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9. Next Song Forever

Whenever we're together; I wonder why we're ever apart; You're the rhythm of the beating; Of my heart... ; So many songs about how perfect things could be; And I could write a million more; But why do...

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10. Patience

Shed a tear 'cause I'm missin' you; I'm still alright to smile; Girl, I think about you every day now; Was a time when I wasn't sure; But you set my mind at ease; There is no doubt; You're in my heart...

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11. Stimulant

AND NOW YOU'RE ALWAYS ON MY MIND; Dreams can't replay; Feelings that day; And when my shorts get wet; It just gets me upset; Cuz you're not; On the receiving end of my; Cum shot; Yeah; [Chorus]; Short...

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12. The Drive

Dear God are you there; Well I hope you are; And I hope that you're listening cuz right now I gotta escape; From this world; From this place; From the hate; From the self-esteem rape; Yeah I gotta get...

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13. The Jackson 5 Were Wrong

Another Saturday night and I am all alone; What a depressing sight I'm sitting by the phone; And I am waiting waiting waiting for that call; When it means nothing nothing nothing to you at all; SO WHY...

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