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1. Don't Forget To Breathe

So I decide to close my eyes; And rest for awhile, take a break; Relax my time; It's only life and we will die; Nothing will ever be the same when you're gone; And nothing will ever change; And we cou...

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2. Face Value

It’s me against the blade again; It’s times like these I wish you were here; But you’ve been gone for far too long; And I can’t seem to let you go; What happened to the old you? The one that would sti...

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3. Game On

From these lips; You can part my ribs; Like my heart is yours to take; And I won't ask a question; I swear I'll just look away; From these lips; You can take my kiss; And take back every word I said; ...

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4. Halo

When bells are ringing all night; All I know is that it's your voice; I can see you in the doorway; And you're crawling through the void; I've been thinking too much; And I feel like I'm pushing throu...

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5. Heart Of The Atlantic

We will drive down to the lake; If we are sober enough to drive; A glass of wine toasting to the stars; As she plays hide and seek with the moon; And she disappears into the clouds; (The dark blues an...

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6. Long Nights In Winterhaven

If I'm not there in 15, don't lock the door; I'll be there soon enough, just leave the lights on; So I can find my way; To the spot on your bed with my name on it; Just within your reach; "No tears, n...

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7. Pistols And Petals

Press your poison lips upon mine, girl; And stab me in the back with your tongue; I'll scream my heart out to show you how I feel; I'll swallow my pain down just to make it go away; Is it over now? Yo...

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