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1. Again

Again, again; I made everything wrong, I never obeyed the plan; Again, again; You’ve stayed here; But you released my hand; Again, again; I loved you but you’re against; I never called you; To say tha...

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2. Before The Christmas Come

I never been the same; Since I’ve gonna away; Our pictures haunt; My dreams today; I look at my future; And I miss you all; My tears frozen; When the snow fell down; Before the Christmas come; I will ...

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3. Goodbye School

The life is going on; Nothing else matters; I won’t forget about my friends; But the real life; Is starting now; I still remember; The first school’s day; I was scared and afraid; Then I met new frien...

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4. Never

She walked away; She left me behind; She doesn’t care about my feelings; She doesn’t wanna understand what I say; I can not find a reason; I can not understand how; Why she had screamed so loud; Why s...

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5. Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time; One boy met one girl; That he never saw before; He looked at her face; And she smiled like the sun; But he was so afraid; Because he was so ugly; So stupid; But he didnt lost his cou...

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6. Our Way

I know that you feel a blank inside your heart; With this song I will fulfill this right now; All the things that TV said to you; Forget all this shit and see yourself the truth; I have to open your e...

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7. Where Are You?

Where are you? I dreamed this night with your face and with your lips; Where are you? This had been so hard and I couldn’t resist; Where are you? But I don’t know if you are a dream or you are real; W...

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