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1. All I Have

I know that it feels like summer; but its all I have. The dark fades; and my heart starts beating; when the sun comes out; and I wanna say; that I cant explain; and so I try; and so I try; and so I tr...

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2. Baby

When planes fly away do you feel left behind? The tokyo lights or the blue desert skies; Baby imma waste your time if I live but I'll never try; Maybe i'm a foolish man, but I hope that you'll underst...

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3. Don't Walk Away

I'm in a shattered state and my heart keeps breaking; I'm an Island sinking slow and frail inside; I've tried to make this work a thousand times; So don't walk away from me; And If I fall from this wi...

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4. In My Head

Walking arose with strength; Alone inside my head; I'm sorry honey but I feel so lonely trapped inside my; sleep; It's colder when I breathe; I'm a ship that's out to sea; It's the way you move; It's ...

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5. Nobody Knows You

I stood outside; And watched the traffic lights; People walking by; overcoats with heads that tucked inside; And she turned; Nobody knows you like I do; Nobody knows the way your mind can move; Always...

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6. Outer Space

(Verse 1); After evening fell we both had left this place; Me and her beneath the stars in outer space; Listen softly as the rain touched our face; Dripping water as the lights lit up this place; ; (p...

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7. Sleepless

O when you were young, Did you ever love someone, So much you couldn't bear the thought of losing them, Well I remember the sleepless nights, when I would lie awake, If only I could tell you how I fee...

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8. Sound Of Defeat

All my body's weak; When it wakes me from my sleep; I'm a afraid that I'm losing all control; And staring at the ground, I'm shaken by the sound; Of a hundred voices screaming back; If I learned this ...

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9. The Man Who Lost His Soul

Growing up I found the life that I knew; Overshadowed by the anger in the clutch of abuse; And shells and bullets fell and dropped to the floor; I put an end to an era and I started a war; When I carr...

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10. The Saddest Song

And it's the saddest song you'll sing; When I'm alone with you; Your tears come down; You search your life for something new; And what you found is true; But now your gone; (Chorus); Oh your alone; An...

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11. The World Ends Tonight

Falling from the sky, neon lights; Like a dream that came alive; I rub my eyes; When the people came to see; They turned their backs on me; Ooh ooh ooh if the world ends tonight; Will you stay by my s...

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12. This City

sleep quiet, lock the doors; and stay the night. bomb shells and broken hearts fall far from sight; lights flashing far above me as i lay; i never thought my life would end this way. ; so take me away...

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13. Unnoticed

Raindrops falling on the roof top, leave me feeling lonely; Left here sitting, left here on my own; Poison ashes, fill my lungs deep, with sounds of silence; Smoking lies of where to search for love; ...

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14. What I've Done

Underneath the sky we sleep; The sunlight in my eyes keeps me from seeing clearly; Deep beneath the stars im lost; The darkness in my heart keeps me from letting go; Of everything I fear the most; And...

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15. You Do

Mouths are moving; People talking slowly; In my ears; Another year goes; You stood up gently; Turned around; To face me staring back; "I'll see you sometime soon"; If only I could see the way you do; ...

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