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1. Apocalypse

War or peace, something we miss. This is (a) choice of (the) mankind. Past and future are the same. Gods will tell goodbye! From the moment that we see; Always take anger and greed. Colors of the life...

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2. Lover Diablo

I am the Evil master; And you should know. Diablo is real; Don't you think so? My ancient entreaty; Shake the air; And awful devil; Is instantly here. ; [Chorus:]; Diablo it's your nightmare. Diablo i...

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3. Prince Of Darkness

In one thousand years when Jesus Christ has crucified, Someone knocked on (the) gates of monastery in dark and rainy night. Old monk opened (the) door and saw a creche with infant crying. And somethin...

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4. Prisoner

I open my eyes with vacuity and easy weakness; My thoughts are mess and my mind is burnt; I feel the black virus inside with strange satisfaction; And feelings like that give birth to my scorn; Silver...

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5. The Renouncement

Then Sun will die; I'll come to rule. Then you can lie; And think it's true; No war, no peace; Just only Hell! And you, young priest; Will earn dark spell. ; Don't you so tired; In cage of Life? Feel ...

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6. When The Night Comes

Dark rider has shuttered all light in the sky; Gloom comes down to land and shrouds all; You realized this night's last in your life; Tonight you should make your great fall; Darkness gave you strange...

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