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1. A Walk Through Oceans

On the shore I'm waiting for your voice. ; Silence is all that surrounds tonight; I cannot hear you at all. Even the waves do not make a sound; Throughout this fatal storm. ; Staring at the sea I cry ...

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2. Deep Is The Stigma

Failing to connect again; Paranoia's mist weaves itself around; From these barren pastures; The icy reaches deprive; The view to all; Of a cold radiance; Entrapment of the soul; Feeling that nobody is...

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3. Still

It is the night that calms us, slowing the blood inside; turning flesh to stone. ; Outside the sky is falling. Flooding the rivers with snow. Some chilling tales have told. ; (Chorus); An apathetic mi...

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4. The Unknown

That face, has never been seen; through the eyes of the sane. And falling tears are all that remain; And gone are the hopes; and lives of the past. Only holding on, to the fears; That they have saved....

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