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1. Fool Again

I'm bleeding from the soul; I'm running naked through the rain; I won't deny it, I can't deny the fool again; The fool again; Here comes the fool again; She's staring at the sun; Holds conversations w...

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2. Is It Over

Another night with that look in your eyes; How long have we been waiting; With nothing left to say; We come together, but we're always alone; We tell the same sad story... anyway; I've been around you...

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3. Let's Talk About Love

Waiting for tomorrow; Daylight never passed so slow; Every time I think of you, I fight for the words; 'cause I want you to know what I know; Move in a little closer; Something tells me that this feel...

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4. Live In The Night

Take a chance, turn it on; Make a move before this mood's gone; Over here, in the fire; Is the only way to find desire; I see everyone runnin' round; From the right to the left; They're nowhere bound;...

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5. Waiting On The Sun

In the warm light of the morning; Tears come, do they ever leave; Should love begin anew; Like rain falling down on a desert world; In the aftermath the colors bleed inside; In quiet shades of blue; T...

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