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1. Anything About June

You can call her June; Though she wasn`t born that month; And the things I would have song for her, would have been about all I wanted; Nobody knows; Why she was left alone; Nobody knows, anything at ...

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2. Autumn Dawning

Do you know Eve, the mother of all? She pads around her garden. No neighbours, no walls. Shes put her with free will. Atleast thats what we`re told. And if holy men speaks differntly; their systems mi...

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3. Can't Stop

He tells me it needn't be dangerous; but what does he know? And the record keeps playing; and I rest my case for a moment there; I rest my case; And maybe I'll try for a second or so; I can't stop wha...

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4. Everyone's Honesty

I met him in my favorite place; well it used to be until I realised; how crappy it could make me feel; before the doorman rejected me; he could't handle my virginity; but the Dj could; just before the...

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5. Feel It

See her standing, watch him looking; A fly is entering a jar of jam; Separated by dimensions; this repeats itself in time... ; Get the notion, feel it coming; Try to avoid it if you think you can. Sep...

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6. Won't Go Near You Again

Yes, all that you’ve given me; I know! But all you’ve cost me; you know? Sums up to nothing much; No, nothing much at all; To live from, anyway; Hardly to survive…; So I won’t come near you again; You...

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