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1. Defeat (the Hardest Truth)

I saw that a thousand times and thousand times I forgot; I can't remember what I've learned; I know that I want to hear the hardest truth; The hardest truth; Like in my all defeats; I don't want to he...

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2. Losing You

You helped me on my bad times, You said it would be alright, And that you wanted to hold me tight, Cause you were missing me that night, ; I did really belived in you, And all the promises you've made...

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3. The Endless Slavery

Sometimes you look at me; I walk alone through trees; Sometimes you feel me; Right behind your back; It scares you, but your curiosity; Doesn't let you think; Now you choose life in sin; And you give ...

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4. Unpredictable

I feel; I feel I can't stop myself; I will try; To use all of the poison I have; All my doubt; All my doubts has dispelled; I can't stop; Emotions won with mind; That's all enough for me tonight; I ca...

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