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1. Better Off Alone

I tried so hard; To work this out; It's seems like; I'm gonna fall down; Now that we met; I let it go; I just can't take it all again; How could I let this go so far? How could you take it for so long...

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2. Let's Runaway

Pick up your keys, we’re going out of here; And you’ll come with me, because I want you near; I won’t let you go, and live your other life; All this can be true, so let the past behind; [ refrão ]; Le...

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3. Not My Time

I’m fighting for something today, but I feel is better this way; Sometimes somethings don’t make sense, so I get up shake your head and dance; And if you feel this too, your heart will know that it’s ...

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4. Rise And Fall

For just too many times; I've tried to tell this; Regrets were left behind; And no one notice; It was just too long ago; I've tried to show you; Someone you used to know; Is now a fucking strange; So ...

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5. Tears Of A Broken Heart

Can you hear my heart screaming? This scream fells like… the last beating! You have ripped my heart out, like you just don’t care; I’m tired of being someone else, I’ve just wanted to be myself; [refr...

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