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1. Angel Of Fire

[Visions of prophecies]; Praise the Unlord; From the earth ascends the creature, surrounded by red strokes of light, as the young boy awakens, the beast looked up into the night; 'You are here to serv...

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2. Begehm Ir Mista Begehm

[Scrolls of truth revealed]; Know how to dominate, the force to terminate, the live of thousands are in my hands; I see betrayal, but do I care, no I don't care 'cause I'm not there; Hear nothing, see...

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3. Blackbird

the wind carries on enticing voice; blackbird suffly has made her choice; I feel her power possessing me; trapped in her moisty cave my destiny; black bird black bird; my horny spirit; premortemly uns...

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4. Condemned To The Throne Of Hazraehel

[Calling forth the Dark one]; Our force is coming from the dark, we come to torch the priest; Raised to serve the emptiness, our leader is the beast; See him rising from the seas, and legion is his na...

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5. E Caha Di Bela

anochi seur, diablo ta lur; muhernan si dono; ta perde non cono; mesito; miedoso ru bosnan ta; adorande i alabands; otro diosnan; dios no lo tolera; alma; ainda de caha di bela; ta banda di e misa; o,...

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6. Evil Spawn

[The origin of his master's blood]; He frees the world from Rome and it's Christian chains; 'Aha-Hith, give birth to the master-warrior, creator of hate'; The child sees the light created from the bur...

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7. Force Of The Serpent

[Aha-Hith's conception]; And the serpent falls from heaven, he descends in human form; In this night his seed will arrive, in the womb of the gypsy whore; A young girl called Aha-Hith, was embraced by...

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8. Hail Satanas

[Praise the Unlord]; Spit on the sign of the pig on the cross; and drink the blood of his corpse; Impale his father, thrown on the ground; Crushed under the hooves of my horse; Rise Hail Satanas; Rise...

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9. Hell's Gates Are Opened

[The gathering of the legion of the gladiator]; Hell's gates are opened; The church downfall, the burning of Rome; An offer to be made, to the false one dethroned; Reckless winds, storm the nights; Wh...

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10. Hellbender

[Wartales from the crusade towards Rome]; Riding on demons through forcefields of fire; Feeding the heat with raw steel and desire; Burning the christians, the whores and the slaves; Out on the run ju...

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11. Impaled Liar

[Casting the spell upon Christianity (translated)]; From the womb is arising a new breed; Born from the horned one's powerseed; 6 little goats with a human touch; 6 pair of eyes like unclean rust; Imp...

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12. Inferno Bizarre

black is the blood inscript the name; three horned goat spewing flames; beyond the skies beyond the stars; red cadavers treasures plagues; feasts of flesh in deep embrace; born soldiers of Ornigoth; a...

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13. Into The Dark Ages (Intro)

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14. Into The Gates

[Summoning of legions]; When the warriors are gathered and; prepared to storm the heavens we, the; legions, are unknown to remorse, the; christ who opresses us will be slain, the; gladiators rise, hel...

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15. Lord Of Beneath

[Fighting in the colosseum]; My rancid image appears at the gates of Rome; No horrors are unused in the seven nights to come; We come as an army and as leaders we leave, while Christians are robbed fr...

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16. Messiah Noir

unholy bloodlust; the serpent redeems; a vision rising; through blasphemy; lucid lord satan; unchain the key; messiah noir; embodied in me; a gift of pleasure; the sin is greed; master, summon us; fol...

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17. Midnight In Hell

[The quest for wisdom]; The young boy awakens, in the desert of sand, amidst the serpents; Hell has sent 'Speak to me with wisdom or bring me your pain'; The five year old spoke as a man; The Arabs wh...

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18. Outburst Of Hate

all holy houses; around the earth; by this means warned; for total destruction; the time has cometh; to set things right; the exploiting churches; all burnt down; outburst of hate; terrify all mortals...

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19. Rivers Of Blood And Fire

kneel down to worship him; knees deep throuh feel no pain; runs warm whilst waiting for; the arrival of the one; feel lightly tensions with; sparks fly the candle winds; whispers anounce of lost;

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20. Schwarzwald

And the night turns to black; And we light the fires; We gather round to tell the tales; Of wisdom so ancient; A past, glorious, strong; The elders sit and respect their sons; The battles of sin; Crus...

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21. Slavesend

[In sword we trust]; I leave the arena Covered with blood; Wounded but the triumph is mine; The betrayers appear, behind me they stand; Indulged by the opponents of lies; My master in spirit warned me...

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22. Thunderbuilder

Thor; Terrorize the night; with your hammer; crush the weak of mind; Thunder; Brought before dawn; Prepare the underworld; for the final storm; Thunderbuilder; Bring us war; Thunderbuilder; Master Tho...

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23. Torch The Bastards

[Triumphant warmarch]; Bringer of Sword; Bringer of Flames; Bringer of Steel; Bringer of Pain; The galloping hordes, marching and slaying; Pounding hooves of death; Apocalyptic gladiator, leading the ...

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24. Uprising Hordes

from woods of nights nocturn; prepare the land to burn; carried on winds of war; uprising hordes; pilgrimage force; praise the unlord; until the dawn; decapitate their god; summon their wives to rot; ...

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25. Where Fires Burn

hear the dark call, burn with me; erased in darkness, blasphemy; a choice so clear, like skies so high; a life eternal, the eternal night; we build the stake, the sacrifice; and gather forever to end ...

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