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1. Holding You

So fragile; Like it was built to break; Off the handle; How'd we get to this place? We're leaving; Everything behind for new; And exciting feelings; But I won't leave you; Will everything we know be l...

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2. Superhero

Like you, be strong; To hold the powers of the sun; To dream, believe, in strength; Now I'm the only one, only one; I was an ordinary boy; Until I broke the rules; My life destroyed, my life destroyed...

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3. Twisted Reality

Not really sure; But my brains tells me I've been here before; Don't wanna drawn any attention; To other crazy things that I shouldn't mention; Not really sure; But it feels like my feet are glued to ...

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4. Why do I?

Messing with my head again; You had your heart set on me; But these feels they come and go; And they come so easily; Tell me what it is; About you that I can't forget; But you're breaking down my wall...

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