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1. Avatar

Don't fall away to fate; Waiting on an avatar; You're stuck from divining your future; Any way the cards fall; No, that's not the only way, the needles change; If you fate your world unwritten pages t...

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2. Dragonfly

Jump in, it's only fire. The pilot's set to broil, my nimble cook. It's useless, flying kites; It only works if the wind is right. And I've got a question for my dragonfly:; How to navigate through a ...

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3. Forms Of Imprisonment

Stable fortress; What makes the boundless stand on a pin? For saturnine blue torches downed in size; Subterranean forests; Move outward by desing; Consider; A diamond's view of time; Can see more ways...

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4. Misdirected

Hey misdirected; What is this shit? Can you tell me; This -; You've magnified everything; Swollen if countenance nears your reach; Tell me -; You think you can tell me who I am? Well, I am numb to you...

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5. No One

So much pressure; I feel helpless; Don't be angry with me; But I can't hold this in any longer; 'Cuz you never listen to me; You've been sending me messages in language that is foreign to me; And I'm ...

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6. Quiet Use Of Charm

Zoom in to what turns me on; A maiden in my liquid form; Brewing in the deepest of cauldrons; Baffled by the absence of sun; Grace and i had no relation; Caught me idling in a stream; Once she miles t...

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7. Sally's Song

Come to me Sally; Cantar para mi a little song; Inti of the Incas; On a loop; Da dum da dum da dum di da; Ah sing to me Sally; Oh so little known to some; But not to you; In the middle of night there'...

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8. Six Step Dragon

(2x); Time stopped by; Pulling weeds up on a mountainside; Come back to me my heart; Time on a mountainside; Pulling weeds up from a blind confession; She's mending broken lines; Climb to heaven on he...

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9. Special Agent

I've seen you in action, so what's the problem now? Get out of your own way, it's time to go all out; Awake in this reality.There's more then one; Just fill your heart with innocence the rediscover wh...

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