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1. Breaking Through

I'm filled with questions; That have no answers; They concern problems; That are forgotten; Feelings of hatred; Mistrust and sorrow; This world needs changing; Break through the darkness; Some people ...

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2. Explanation For Action

Explanation! For action! Positive thoughts; For your brain to feed; Types of senseless actions; We don't need; Everyday's a struggle; It's good to be alert; Anything can happen; You could wind up gett...

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3. Love

Love is a word that is misunderstood; It's somethign we all need and we'd buy if we could; But the things that matter most in this world of ours; Can't be found on earth but beyond the stars; If you'r...

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4. Positive Mental Attitude

Positive mental attitude! Look in my eyes; Tell me what you see; No trace of ignorance; Inside of me; Positive thinking; Free from guilt; Proud of the friendships; That I've built; Think positive PMA!...

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5. Straight On View

Straight on view; Don't need it; I never will; That kind of pressure; I don't feel; Dont' want it; I'm free; Artificial happiness; Not for me; No more sorry straight on view! No more strain straight o...

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6. The Game

Expectations, of things that will be; Apprehension, for what's inside of me; Infatuation, with things that I cannot see; Desperation, in knowing the door but having no key; Always, thinking, of who I ...

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7. You Are One

Laying in bed, barely awake; You feel content, you feel strong; Nothing can hurt you, because you're happy; You are one; You dream of a place, you are there; Where problems are none, happiness abounds...

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