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1. All i Need

[Chorus]; Im sick of the lies; Im sick of the games; Im sick of the pain; All I need is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus; Im sick of the flesh; Cant handle the flesh; Live and die in the flesh; All I need i...

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2. As It Is Written

[Jaz]; As it is written just picture; Where hip hop meets scriptures; Through Christ the words is life to all and that's the kicker; Spirits thinker from chapter to chapter as God speaks; Mysteries ca...

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3. Can't Hide

[Chorus: Jaz]; You can run but you cant hide; Better get your life right; [4x]; [Jaz]; When I take out my Bible and I wave it all around; Bindin demons and the devils up and down the town; On the grav...

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4. Celebrate

[Big J]; My Chirst was slain, so I'll never forget; Never quit never forfeit my benefit; Makin it a permit desicion for my flesh to submit; When you got 5 I got the whole kingdom on it; You can bet on...

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5. Enemy's Camp

Chorus]; I went to the enemy's camp; And I, took back what he stole from me; [x2]; Stand at attention, time to fight the battle for the Lord; Destination enemy's camp, takin it back by the sword; My r...

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6. I'm God

[chorus]; I'm god, i'm soveriegn; I'm god, you best believe; I'm god, vengance is mine; I'm god, god, god; I'm god, the great i am; I'm god, i cannot die; I'm god, i cannot die; I'm god, god, god; [bi...

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7. Who's In The House

[Chorus]; Jesus is in the house; My Lord is in the house; We be the ones that be comin out, strong; Never comin wrong, never comin weak; Wit Jesus at the peak then we never feel the heat; Unique style...

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