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1. 321

Working alone, engaging the stone, our lives went flashing past; No time to think, it was through in a blink of an eye, With the outside world, watching on, living in silent hope, Asking questions, th...

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2. Amelia's Dream


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3. Angeliqua

I look out my window, I see your reflection there; Images changing, I start to open my mind to you; The strength of your touch that binds us together, forever now; Now you’re not far away there’s not ...

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4. Common Goal

Easy love comes and goes, human bond free our souls, Feeling good at the time, live your dream, free your mind. Don't knock me, help me out, this is what our life's about, Give and take, bend don't br...

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5. Don't Give Up Love

Living away from you, lovin’ away from you; Thinkin’ of things to do, different things…; Conjure up images, that I don’t understand, All of the plans we had, better left for the future. ; Don’t…Give…D...

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6. Fate

Isn't it amazing the way things seem to turn. With so much confusion will I ever learn? Everything around me seems to fall into place. It seems like a dream, a vision. Will I fall from grace? I rememb...

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7. Give And Take

I saw you in my dreams last night, I felt you in my heart I was confused; I didn’t understand what was going on; Our world was being torn apart, I was in two minds; Everything was going wrong, time to...

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8. Here I Am

Lying alone wrapped in a cocoon; Staring out from a brand new life; Helpless and needing, constant feeding; I’m out of the dark…; Years come and go and time flies past; Suddenly days take a challengin...

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9. I Wish I Could Fly

Standing alone, on the edge of a dream, I'm falling forward and you are there. Over the mountain tops, Over the ocean, spray on your wings, You fly like an eagle, you’re soaring free. ; Catching the c...

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10. Inside The Power

It’s five o’clock in the morning, I focus on the time, As I wake from a dream, excitement races through my mind. The wind beckons as the sun breaks the morning apart, Heading down the same old track, ...

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11. Journey's Friend

PART l - 'JOURNYE'S FRIEND'; Lying on a hillside, evening lights are in the sky. Something reaches deep within my mind and asks me why? Thoughts are racing through my head, About a message long though...

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12. Justify

PART l; Ice Caps are melting. Tides are turning. Wild, wild life is crying out in vain. Ozone depleting. Global Heating. Child, child with no future. What a shame. Can't you see the forest for the tre...

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13. Lives Go 'round

You watch TV. You listen to the radio, To find out what's going on in this world. The media's intention is to attract attention, And lead us all astray. In a world gone crazy, our minds are lazy, On a...

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14. Love Never Ends

She lifts me up and takes me somewhere I’ve never been. She reaches out and touches me, like no other. ; This feeling never ends; This feeling never ends (feeling it in my heart); Our love takes me to...

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15. More Than A Dream

A journey that takes us to the ends of our lives, A race never lost, never won. More than a dream, less than a vision, Adventure again just begun. ; The question that separates man and beast, In the h...

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16. One Day

All alone, silence closing in on what was meant to be. Here and now is the only future that is left for me, eternally. ; I hear a voice cry out, And realise it’s mine. Stretching every nerve in line; ...

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17. Ride

It's a see-saw ride of love and hate, sometimes I feel the pain. And there are so many questions that it's driving me insane. And every now and then we find a solution. But only when all other ways ha...

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18. Slow Down

Have you ever watched your child on a merry-go-round, Or listened to the rain splashing to the ground? Did you ever have a dream that was way out of sight, Or gazed at the moon into the fading night? ...

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19. So Far Away


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20. Still Here

It seems so far away, so long ago. Remember when you wouldn't dream of letting go. Things are not what they used to be. Every waking thought takes me back to you. ; The plans we made for a future brig...

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21. Take Good Care

Sometimes when I wonder, you wonder what we are. This world of hate and war, you see it from afar. Why can't we live in peace? A dream we want to share. One man's journey, one man's happiness. Will we...

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22. The Garden

PART 1 - THE GARDEN OF INEARTHLY DELIGHTS; Welcome to the garden of dreams, A place filled with kaleidoscopic sights. Welcome to the essence of ‘not as it seems’, The place known as ‘The Garden…. ; Co...

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23. There's A Place

There's a place where we can go, Don't give in, don't let go. There's a place where life is strong, Don't give in, it won't be long. ; When you're alone it seems, Nobody wants to know who you are, Don...

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24. This Life

I overflow with senses enhanced; As the blood flows through my veins; Heart pulsating, I’m entranced; I feel it again and again; I look to the stars to find my path; I get no answers; Thoughts of conf...

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25. When I'm Down

I sit alone thinking of you; And what I have to do to have you near; I’m not the man I use to be, You know I have changed my ways; You can see it so clear; Remember the time you planted the seed; You ...

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