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1. Animal House

Morning is breaking with death on the street; Driving downtown in a red corvette; The daemons and satans are creeping around; LA nights are madhouse nights; The murderers- are heroes; They're speeding...

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2. Azrael

Long ago - in another life; I was innocent - just a child; Transformed my brain into an evil thing; Now I’m a creature of the night; I’m a shadow in the darkness and I’m watching you; Though you can’t...

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3. Black Widow

I just love my nightmares; I can't wait to sleep; Enjoying all my dreams; got no regrets; I can be a flash of lightning; Striking down on rocks; Burning down the law; Getting things I never got; Turni...

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4. Come Home

I've not been home; For so many years; And I did not regret being gone; Please tell me when did we talk; And when did we show; That we do care for something called love; Oh no, don't you despair now; ...

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5. Faceless World

Listen to me - this is a warning; You have to wake up out of this dream; Don't be a member of this lifestyle, please; I hear the beat of your heart; So better watch them - don't be frightened; Can't y...

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6. Go Back To Hell

Mystic rainbows - in the night; Flashing colours - shining bright; Can't you see me - in the dark; Feel a heat wave - of a spark; If you're fighting the world just beware of the knives in your back; W...

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7. Hot Tonight

We don't give a damn what they do for a living; Everywhere we go we party just the same; Getting all my fun; With crazy little girls like you; Playing all your games acting like a fool; Screaming - fe...

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8. In The Darkness

Why am I here now; What have I done; Running on empty- I got nowhere to run; Can't get an answer; Can't get it right; Just try to make it; Still the end of the night; Is there a way to avoid doing wro...

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9. Lay Down The Law

You turn my head; You turn my life, am I up or down; Why don't you see, you're bugging me; I have already lost my way; Do I have to pay for everybody's shit; Is it the past, or the start; Why can't yo...

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10. Mean Machine

The horror of a mad dog; Is chilling my blood in my brains; The lights disappearing; The cloud getting pregnant with rain; There's a rumor going round that; The master of darkness will come; They say ...

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11. Run For Cover

See the man in white; He's old he wouldn't dare to fight, to fight another; Rockin' like a beast upon on a never ending dream; We love each other; Asking for a sign - the action's coming from behind; ...

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12. They Want War

They are young and they're kids; and believe what they see; To do what they've been told; And so they walk away with open eyes; Some are eight or nine or ten; And they die like a fly, and no one knows...

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13. Warrior

Wasn't there a time; When no one lived in pain; Zero down to zero; But a warrior; The innocence of birth; The power of the earth; Out of all that's good; Comes a warrior; Time - is it you who changes ...

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14. We Want It Loud

Tonight - is a show; And I gotta be there; Banging my head to a metal attack; We got nothing to fear; Dancing and screaming begging our heroes for more; Burning the streets cause we gotta be first thr...

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