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1. Is That Me?

Leaning on a broken crutch; Said alo,t but ain't done much; Sittin' on a pile of good intentions; I had a plan, it's here somewhere; Underneath that padded chair; Between the couch and the television;...

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2. Ordinary Man

Well I met Don Quixote; In a bar the other night; He looked a little pale; But he said he was alright; He loved Dulcena; But she left him all the same; For a long black limo; And a pound of rock cocai...

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3. Too High For The Supermarket

Got the craving for some lunch, but I ain't got nothing to munch; My mind is set on just one wish; a big ol' sandwich - tuna fish; Time to make a grocery run, I'll walk there in the morning sun; Make ...

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