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1. Big Man, Small Mind

You beat on guys smaller than you; Helpless, there’s nothing they can do; Assholes you’ve got too much nerve; Someday you’ll get what you deserve; You don’t fight to stay alive; You fight to save your...

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2. Build To Break

Something new everyday; People talk don’t care what they say; Stories pass from mouth to ear; Changes the truth to what they want to hear. ; Words that destroy friendship; Cheap talk that doesn’t mean...

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3. Don't Quit

When things go wrong; As they sometimes will; When the road your trudging; Seems all uphill; When the funds are low; And the debts are high; When you want to smile; But you have to sigh; When care is ...

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4. My Own Mind

I’m sorry; That I did it; I’ m sorry, I’m sorry for you; I’m sorry; That I did it; I’m sorry, I’m sorry for you; Mister, it’s judgment day; As another stops to judge; Your haste may cause regret; My v...

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5. No Thanks

Deliberately put your head in a mindless state; Say without the crutch you can’t relate; Intoxicated you do stupid things; Things you don’t mean things you wished could be changed; Drink it down say i...

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6. Once I Cry

The rain begins; And yet the sky is clear; My eyes are shut tight; No one gets in here; My mind’s in a room; With no windows or doors; Away from the hands; That wrap tight around my neck; My neck, my ...

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7. Scream To Say

Scream so many things; None of which will be heard; Stronger minds a new direction; Intelligence builds our word; See the time for us to unite; And set the others straight; Building for the future; Mo...

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8. Screaming For Change

Screaming; For a change; Forever reaching; To once again rearrange; Another struggle; With the wind in my face; Forever blowing; But this time at my pace; Screaming for change; Still screaming; Scream...

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9. Silenced

When there’s silence; Friends need not speak; It’s understood; Die I would; And when there’s silence; Cultures appear as one; Colors are blurred; My brother I heard; When there’s silence; Meanings all...

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10. Sometimes

Will you take pride, in what you see? Is it really the way you want things to be? Big fucking deal is all you say now; But tomorrow will you feel the same way? Think you so cool; Play me for a fool; A...

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11. Straight And Alert

Who drinks the barley? Who drinks the grain? Who shoots the shit into their veins? Is there really the need for the use of dope? Can it solve one’s problem? Can it help one cope? Something must be wro...

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12. Use Your Head

Something happened; It made you change; Something fucked; Can you explain! So though, so brave; So you fight; Hate called ignorance; Hindered your sights; Times change; People change; There’s so many ...

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