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1. A.m. Radio

There is a reason why I can't speak; Our short conversations mean everything to me; Fine young teacher, I need help with my cursive; Bronze that apple I was so proud to give you; This is my wall that ...

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2. California

Blue skies have chased me away from a simple life; Now I'm eating paper that's tasting funny; Out here in complicated; California; California; Slow, down, good, times; Slow, down, good, times; A cigar...

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3. Cessna

Flight, oh captain please remember my name for the clouds; Safe, with wings of wax, I trust in the sun over me; Fast, I'm so elated, days I have saved on these wings, Choice, the chair I'm strapped to...

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4. Change

Nothing is never the way we want; We travel through times seeking out the cure; To our faith and nothing more; But this is the life we've chosen; Why can't we turn our hate to you? We feel lost and in...

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5. Fin

We set the sail; and we cut the water; Creating new woes; And when it was over; With the moon on our shoulder; There we stood; We paddle through the waves; Confusion rest in our wake; We paddle throug...

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6. Full Flavor

Erase all of the lines; Blurry, I'm kicking my hive; Wake up to the space of life; Full flavor is just around the corner; Full flavor is dancing on the water; Erase all the lines; Hurry, I'm living a ...

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7. I

I'm feeling lost inside my dreams; That's why I never sleep; I live a constant war inside me; And there's no way I can win; I'm traveling in my past and; Through the mazes of my mind; To find the answ...

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8. Innocent Child

I never understood; The way she looked at me that day; She seemed lost in her world; Alone and so afraid; She used to live with such intensity; That it seemed that the world was in her hands; She was ...

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9. Instead Of Running

A narrow piece of me, left to show; Explaining yesterday, years ago; When I drank holy water straight; Instead of running, here I stand; The clues are hovering, right above my head; This day is over r...

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10. Keep On

Fighting waves thirty feet tall; The boat is nearly full of water; When your thinking becomes crystal clear; Life is consumed by the moment; Keep on, keeping on; Don't wait for the wind to blow; Keep ...

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11. Not Dead

Something tells me; That a drop of your wine; Is sweeter than mine; Someone scared me; Into opening my mind; And drank the poisonous wine; I know I'm not dead; Oh God, I'm not dead; Oh God, I'm not de...

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12. One Less

Satisified and otherwise tired of the options; Like seldom have the strength to see and; They never take serious enough; Serious enough; One less away from everything that's grounded me; I am; One les...

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13. Passive

Counting everyday I spend; Counting the days after I've peaked; Passive in the way I stand; Numbing the strong cuts on my hands; I know its right, when I'm left alone; I feel stronger now, much strong...

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14. Self Medicate

So far, I can't figure out; How long I've been mad; Wasting all the precious years; Drinking just to make it clear; This bitter young man; Turned out fine; Oh lord, I can make this change; I sure hope...

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15. The Prison

Sometimes I feel that I'm losing control; I'm drowning in dreams that I just can't let go; Taking this wrong road I learned to survive; Alone in this darkness deceived by my life; I never believed tha...

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16. The Sun Will Come

You scream a lot, even when I close the door; You glare in hope that this won't help to end it all; End it all; The sun will come, Peeling back the veil; The sun will come; And pull me out of hell; Th...

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17. Wither

Fill the hole with a single perforation. Makes the mountains look big enough from where I'm sitting; Poking through the skin your wearing; The spike has a way of dimming you life; And so I'll sit and ...

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