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1. Agony (seance Of Suffering)

Exhausted by séance of suffering; Like martyr on the funeral pile; Conscious poisoned with heaven's venom; Addicted on its ravishing smile; Eternal state of most painful madness; Captured with the tho...

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2. Den Of Murder

Reach beyond the walls of fire; Thus the sense has sense no more; Come back from misery of future; Eavesdrop whispers that hunt you down; Perhaps courage is what is needed; Perhaps the lack of madness...

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3. Faithless Angel

Where is that power, that strength; In which I believe; Body made of ashes; No faith to move my wings; Ref:; Nor devil nor the child of god; I waste my time; Cause time is all what I got; Faithless an...

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4. Soul Pulverized

Carried by the winds of torment; Irritated by the sounds of infirmity; I fall into endless abyss; Where my soul pulverize; Wandering where life has vanished; I ramble between monuments of death; Hell ...

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5. The Judas Chair (confession)

Made not for the rulers; But instead for the sinful wretches; Down below the sin you've made; Stands the truth that eats your mind; For those who are strong with the devil; And do not wish to speak; T...

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6. Twisted Reallity (gift Of All Sacrifice)

The one who twists reality; Who resurrect images from dreams; No truth in his life; Cause lie he carries deep in his heart; For him decision means life; But life for him means nothing; Everything he p...

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7. When Only Darkness Survives

From the darkened dreams I came; Deep inside your mind I live; There is my eternal kingdom; In which I have the reins; Your fury is my energy; Rage increase my powers; I gave you killing instinct; Awa...

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