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1. Autumn

Tear the closed doors in your mind; Can you inhale and feel her? She reserves void for herself; Like a wild and hungry beast; Her hour has come for cover this land; She will bring thousand drops of ra...

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2. Darkness Grace

This place never saw sunlight; 'cause ebony trees are grand. Dreadful roots digging up all ground, Fragrance of Death is always near. ; [CHORUS:]; A Forest of hundred ages, It's shelter for lonely spi...

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3. Destructive Fall

I hear heart-rending screaming; Instead of moonlight charm; Crust of pain; Buried in my flesh; Chasing my thoughts by my friends; Jar upon myself; Clank of withered pity; Clink like brazen grave-bell;...

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4. Downfall Of The Age

Devastation will be last; For each of us and for all, Grow from darkness; To make universal evil; Humanity lost his sight, Lost of memories, lost of consistency; They send damnations to themselves; An...

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5. Link Of Chain

Sun will rise for tomorrow's battle; And now i sit near stormy river; I hear sound of quiet flute; My life become dearer... ; My soul, forget your fear! The war - is our life. My future drown in strea...

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6. Next Dying

Black blood in my veins; Dark mind is in my brains; Wolf's howl i hear in my soul; Death doesn't kill me 'cause; I'm a ghoul; Chorus; I don't feel sorry; 'cause you are lying, But don't have a worry -...

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