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1. Damned Creation

In the beginning a morbid God created pain; Torture is a noble art; Murder is the red passion; And the nirvana of my mind; Is seeing you slowly dying; On the seventh day God enjoyed pain; The pleasure...

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2. Hate Celebration

Like devils we’re born; At war against the house of lies; Hypocrisy, manipulation, exploration of human fear; Centuries of emptiness, centuries of oppression; Murderers blessed by god; Spiritual slave...

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3. Laid In Ashes

Laid in ashes of impurity; Slave of sexual divinity; She the cradle of hypocrisy; Using a myth of virginity; To create god made of flesh and blood; A lie that remais for two thousand years; Like a las...

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4. Murderers In The Name Of God

Through the thick, dark mist of the night; In a time when death brought delight; Insane barbarians thirsty for blood; Hunted those who opposed to their laws; Screams, gallops and growls were heard; Ec...

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5. Possessed By The Lie

Prosperity is what promises; The man who talks about god; And in his name sells; The word of eternal salvation; Money and power are not missed; In dirty temples raised from dust; Christian leaders lau...

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6. The Beast Withim

You who were voracious wolf; In ingenuous sheep skin; A tyrant who wanted to become a martyr; You, bastard, knew what would be your end; You were created by men; Who saw in your figure; The image of a...

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7. The Ungodly Prayer

"When the ungodly warriors arose from the limbo; They perpetuated the truth, possesed like damned beasts over the lying god; The hate was celebrated and the murderous god has turned into ashes..."

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