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1. Bad Dream: Angel of Light

Two minutes to your death; He's right behind you; He watches you for years; You know, evil is coming; Scream to free your soul; But he will not let pass; One minute to you death; Tired, you're going t...

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2. Dead Man

Maybe I'm a complete idiot; Wasting my time in a whiskey with a cigarette; Without a reason to live my life; You know how it will end I close my eyes, I can feel her here; I know that one day she will...

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3. Her Phantoms

This morning she; Waked up in her bed; And she; Was just unwilling to be alive; And in her head; He tb phantoms was just screaming; Talking about her useless life; Than she just cry cry cry; Making he...

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4. Thirty Days

I am walking to your home; And in the end of the night); I know I won't be satisfied); So I will be waiting); Your 30 days again; And I wait every day to come an see you smile; But when I'm here I jus...

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