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1. Arabian Girl

ey jo excuse me miss; whats up? how u doin; sorry to stare but your body's got me jewling; the way u barley dance got me actin a fool; lets take it to the dancfloor; yeah take me to school; just like ...

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2. Stay With Me

Chorus x2; Every time [time] you [you] walk away; I wish a star [star] guides you my way; I'd keep you mine forever and a day; I'd do everything and to make you stay with me; God knows i'm always down...

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3. Talk

[Verse 1:]; Round and round we go; It's always the same; It would never hurt nobody; To talk about it; The more complicated; The less we understand; Man I wish I could; See you tonight; [Pre-Chorus:];...

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4. Taste Your Heartbeat

[verse 1:]; I remember when you and i used to be, Thought that nothing will ever break us, Thought that what we had was meant to last forever, Oh why, those eyes of yours don't shine like they used to...

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