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1. A Desert In The Heart

Lost- he's surely lost now; when he tries to strip himself of a past; that keeps holding on; so many times before I've tried to let go; to peel off deception's mask; but hid my fears behind walls of s...

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2. Born Again

Where the footsteps of one culture tread; the righteous still sing; as we march to the tune of "humanity's" hymn; a restless night awaits the dawn of a silent spring; our mythos and this way of life; ...

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3. Echoes

Echoes of Mesopotamia; a whispered disease that left us on knees too weak to stand; upon this empire nature's purity revealed; wave the sword of science, keep the truth concealed; we are the ten thous...

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4. Fallen Grace

There is a place in hell for you; for each minute suffered, for each day survived; paradise lost to heavens and hells; have we emerged as that fallen grace? as adam who casts the first stone; as eve w...

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5. Fire Of Life

The fire burns within an incandescent flame kindled and rekindled. The fire of life burns forever; self consumed and renewed. everyplace and everything in this universe share in tje blaze, no one and ...

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6. For Liberation

(Into) the birth of carnage will you; but watch when innocent life is born; and destined to an unjustified wretched existence? i refuse to deny their path or ignore their suffering; i fight for libera...

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7. Lay This Life Now

Under this bloodred sky. i offer this tortured flesh to gods under your heavens. my soul spent worthless; lay this life down; Bring me divinity to answer crime with their lies. bring forth the armies ...

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8. Of Masks And Martyrs

As we bleed you feast on what is left; of waking nightmares, prayers best left unsaid; sinking inside of the beasts we shall be; feeling desires buried, dreams best left to sleep; suffer the absence o...

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9. The Coming Dark Age

I try to imagine a time when things weren't this way; but years have come and gone with the seasons; and for better or worse this is how it is; is this the price we must pay? oh how we revere our moun...

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10. The Company Of Storms

You told me the sun would always rise; and if it shouldn't shine have faith; 'cause one day that great burning star's light; one once again dance across my face; I heard the roar of the parting seas; ...

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11. Voices

I hear what they're sayin'; And I can barely stand the hurt; They dig at the scars of the wounds of my past; The things I left deep in the dirt; They prey on memories of sin; These things that I have ...

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12. When The Heavens Shed Tears

The final war to purge and purify this sacred world - vilified. one culture interred with righteousness, weaved from deception. down on bent knees we cry for salvation. upon death we feast with blood ...

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