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1. 13 Am

The sky is burning above my head; Raining the ashes of regret; Trying not to breathe in deep the pain; There's not a place I can walk away; Just the plastic case that's inside of me; Wonder in the inn...

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2. 400 Days

The steps of my path, 400 days has past; Ending in vandalize, an omen I now realize; Distraction is that my body is evolving when what surrounds me degenerate; What hurt is people are changing while m...

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3. Ahead

Some of you may flash back to the days gone by; Hoping us to reunite; What means to me that I am still on my path; A long, long journey that may never come to an end; Since success is only a fact and ...

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4. Bleed The Truth

Aligned with metal horns; They gore against the population; Serving us constitution fill our cups with regulation; Buried their accidents in the residence of contradiction; Stocking them golden coins;...

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5. Fading Materials

Welcome to the social system; where high tech transfer all the freedom; No need to say cause fingers; communicate on a digital tray in a speed of ray; Threshold of the new man order; wired with lights...

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6. Jeykill & Hide

It's you stick inside this gap; Grasping to my veins; Can you help me from this sorrow, I've holding much too long; Desperate for a chance; (Losing my mind like jeykill and hyde); When I'm losing my f...

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7. Minds Up

Found my way again, and I know it's not the end; It's just the start! Lock and load it's time to go; Refilled the energy gonna overflow; My instinct sharp and slick; Refined the style and got the grip...

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8. Nemesis

Crawling by absence of the bond I used to have with me; Trapped in the loneliness I find it hard to come at ease; Shroud the wounds and bound the pain; It's all inside and I feel it gain; The pressure...

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9. Skin

Piled with pride you brag to hide; The status of the lies you can't deny; Sharing your stories inside-out; Pulling the strings not to surface the doubt; Why compare yourself against with me? All these...

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10. Something To Fight For

The hours pass as the sun clicks the time bleeding the; Light through the turbulent clouds; Well don't choose your actions for living to lie from what you truly want to be proud; Do you have a choice?...

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11. The Catalyst

Gatekeeper! Tell me of the time that you looked down to the brook to see; My time-forsaken brother as he sank past reality; Space stood between us; There was no looking back; I chased, I tried, my God...

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12. Until The Day

Until the day I'm something yeah; There is no more looking back; I will carry my own risk; No matter, no matter, what they say; Sweat'n from my hands like it's my only chance left; Filling up the suit...

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13. White Hole


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