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1. Army Of Illusion

I see hate beating the love; In every corner there's suffer and pain; The flame is lit causing the explosion; Lives lost without forgiveness; Try to discover what makes you happy; And ask yourself one...

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2. Slaves Of Society

Hunted as animals; Blamed for anything; They don't know why; They did no harm; Classified in breeds; Divided in classes; But we are all flesh and blood; With same capabilities; Slaves of society; A fa...

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3. Tears

When everything was fine; A light blinded our eyes; That second changed life; Of two passionate hearts; And now it's raining outside; Tears of a sad night; Please don't make me; Wipe away your cry; Wa...

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4. The Madhouse

The voice of a speaker is hitting in my ears; While I'm stuck in a straitjacket; And now they try to force me to think; That I am crazy and out of my head; People never knew the truth; And what I'm se...

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