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1. Angels & Warriors

no more vanity no more; no more fear; no more jealousy no more; fake modesty; no more impatience, self-destruction; insecurity; no more envy no more; no mores please; you wanna know why ? because; ANG...

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2. Demons In Underwear

Demons In Underwear; spotlight; rockstar; who the fuck do you think you are; x-rays; strip bare; demons in underwear; I get my mind in tune; a surge of exaltation high; a premonition of the good fight...

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3. Hold Me Down

Hold Me Down; here I stand; a tired and burnt out man; I lost myself again; I’m feeling wrong; alcohol; and mary J; blew my head away; dead and gone; ain’t I strong; what I need now; need now; is some...

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4. Inarielle

Nobody else; In my life; Made me feel so; Weightless and calm; Grateful and radiant; Embraced by love; Your mermaid eyes; An angels smile; God sent you to; Repair our hearts; Remind our hopes; To spre...

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5. Island In The Infinite Ocean

Island In The Infinite Ocean; hey get up; time to go; the aftertaste; of the big blue ocean; with special friends; floating around; I’m coming up to breathe; I’m coming up to sing; an independent love...

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6. Michelle

Michelle; you got this glitter in your eyes; when you smile I want to cry; in your arms I feel newborn; blond down on velvet skin; childhood scars below your chin; your laugh will last forever; but al...

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7. Not You

You say that all the boys you met; Were dirty psychos or too fat; And when you saw me you believed; That i’m the first one who could fit; In all your dreams; You wanna talk to me; Walk with me; Just l...

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8. Pretend

Pretend; quite a while we belonged together; our love was strong; I never had much money but; still we had our little home; BABY; what you pretend; is that all the time we had; was like inside prison ...

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9. Swingin

Swingin'; swinging; just swinging; swinging the night; while we are singing; dancing; slowly dancing; like you’re on a movie-screen; all you gotta do is; swing swing swing; forget about your sorrows; ...

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10. Waxing Moon

Waxing Moon; again you’re running out of sight; straight into another exile; someone bless the rebels for they; keep me entertained in this phase; I hang out in pharmacies; hoping to find some substan...

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11. Whole Again

Whole Again; I’ve been here before; don’t know where it was; when darkness occupied my soul; my dreams they all vanished; my inner eye went blind; and fear took over in my mind; I’m in my hole again; ...

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