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1. After Life

I want you back; for this sunrise... I'll wait for you until the light, even if you are; comfortable up there... ; (chorus); You didn't say bye; you left too fast; perhaps it would be better; to leave...

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2. Alike

It’s something about; The look in your eyes; I feel so weak; Every time you look at me; ; (chorus); Further I will; Lear to love; And to cry with; The motion of your arms; Calling by my name…; ; For s...

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3. Don't Need No Love

I don't ever need control, I never need your words; you just leave me, leave me.. ; I’ll pretend you never were, seated on my desk and; incredibly dead... ; (chorus); Cause I don't need your love; don...

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4. Fortune Star

| She did the right thing; | She felt lost and she found the way; | She forgot the pain when you broke the chain; | there was a star coming down; | From that blue blanket up there; | Getting apart of ...

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5. Happiness

I tried to make you smile; And you pretend that you were happy; But there was nothing.... ; It must have been that storm; In your eyes so open; Getting me into tremble... ; Happiness's not a chance; I...

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6. Madame Loneliness

A girl was standing; she saw the shadows; But nobody heard a scream…; She had her eyes really wet; And nobody said a word…; ; She became a stranger on her own way; But the road never; Took her away; (...

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7. The Ghost

I'm sorry you got to know me; I felt you brought lots of promises; In this crying day; Come now decide to face me; Say all you need to leave me fly away; In this dark sky; ; Run, run fast escape from ...

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8. To Be Complete

Below there's no blood, only pieces of paper wrote... oh... They walk all over my room; like in pain ghosts... ; Even written; my passions and pain; my future and death; I'll be waiting for a hand... ...

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9. To Rest

When i say my life’s away; Then you enter dimming light; Giving everything, everything to me.... ; So long i’ve floated aimless on the wind; Looking for reasons, reasons to understand, And then you ca...

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10. Weird Machine

I’m just standing in the middle of nowhere... What should I thing about? May be grass, maybe clouds, May be something lost... ; But instead, I think about storm; When it sound makes you a chicken shit...

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