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Man all these motherfuckin' niggas out here man
Every time I try to go somewhere I got plex form these
Sorry punk pussy no good hatin'
My nigga you done pushed the wrong button
I ain't never ran this hot
Now you the number one nigga
I wanna whip the piss out
And this not a threat bet that
I ain't gonna let that shit slide
Gotta get that bitch right
Want him dead by midnight
I followed him from the crib to the crack spot
I watched him go in and come back out
I got ready to pull the mack out
Sandwiched him by the theater of 610
Unloaded the pistol now dirt is now what his dick's in
Shit I seen a slab get stripped
The discs seats and sound gone
And candy paint burnt to a crisp
These niggas gettin' hated on
For the '84's that they skatin' on
jackers in the dark alley waited on
The fool comin' out the gamblin' shack
Pistol to his back took 4 ounces of crack
And a fat dozier sack
That's why I pack my nigga
That's why I pray cuz where I stay
I got to carry my motherfuckin' gun every single day
Motherfuckers wanna start shit every way
That's why I carry my motherfuckin' gun every single day
The p-l-e-x is crowdin' all my space
'Bout to pop this mothefucker cuz he standin' in my place
He sellin' on my block
jackin' from my boys
They comin' on our side
Goin' down and talkin' noise
Now I occupy my time hustlin' and gettin' paid
He occupyin' his time tryin' to get the boys for they blades
Gettin' em for they Chevy 'burban
They jumpin' out of hoo doos
Comin' down swingin' jumpin' out of candy blues
Talkin' bout give it up smooth
Baby boy it's some hatin' goin' on in P

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Número de Palavras 272
Número de Letras 1626
Intérprete Underground Kingz

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