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1. Flashlights And Explosions

It was me on that road; Walking, without destiny; I wish go to home; And now is raining; I was confused; Don't know what to do; I need leave this place; I need divide the race; Where I'am? In the hell...

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2. Go With Rage

Yeah, I know; I agree; Give my life for you; And today; I'am sick; I'am just another used; I think you; Not have fellings; To be what you do; But I know; Wasn't me; You are against the world; You are ...

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3. I Can't Swear

I swear; I be there; When you need; I be there; Confusion around of me; I don't know what I wish; I want the single true; I guess that you want it to; Believe me, I'am your friend; Look the birds and ...

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4. Kim

You is smart; Look the chart; You is the Queen here; And all the fools; Are controled; Because you want that; I'am exeption; I'am right; Is not funny do the things... ; And now is there; Is not fair; ...

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5. Right Here! Right Now!

Right here! Right Now! Don't let me down; You promised; Now You have show; Look the sun; And later for the moon; You win; But don't stop; Don't run; End don't hop; Tell me what you gonna do here; Tell...

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6. Shut Up!

The rage falls; The animals; Are free tonight; The sea, the sky; End I don't care; I don't scare; You gonna die; End I be there; Shut Up! Nothing matters; Shut Up! Say hello to then; Fuck off; Go with...

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7. What Would You Do?

She turned away; End I'am stayed here; She was a sour girl; the day that she met me; I look the stars; but I can't see the same; She turned away; End I don't know your name; What would you do? If I ru...

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8. Wrong At List

I like to change the things; Because I'am smart; For they this is bad; But I'am right; I'm the nightmare; I'm the disaster; Because I can control myself; End I don't need help; Any Help (x2); The city...

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