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1. Alone

From childhood's hour I have not been; As others were; I have not seen; As others saw; I could not bring; My passions from a common spring. ; From the same source I have not taken; My sorrow; I could ...

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2. Angellic Rebellion

Two hundred angels descended on mount Hermon; In ancient times before The Great Flood, They brought evil among humans, They all transgressed The Word of God. ; The Angels united themselves with women;...

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3. As Above, So Below

The world will be departed; Just like an apple torn and twisted apart, The greatest war of all times; Begins and ends, the changes start. ; bridge:; Now it's time for oblivion, The old world is gone. ...

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4. Ashes Up Your Sleeves

The old red serpent on the east is rising, Getting stronger, day by day, Spreading the faith through the veil of lies, The rings of gold he materialized. ; bridge:; Ask yourself about what your faith ...

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5. Do Not Forgive Us

Do not forgive us; Now I understand that; The end of the circle is near; And I prey to you, my maker, To end this reign of fear; Please come down from the clouds; With your great Hammer of Justice, Sa...

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6. Enlightening The World

I can't believe what I see, What's happening on the screen of MTV, Another new boy band is rocking soft, They are trying to pretend. ; Fools are dancing on the strings; Of the boss of music industry. ...

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7. Freedom (is Mine)

If you want to see the future; And how it will look like, You'll see a giant black boot; Over the face of tomorrow's humankind. ; Have you heard about the 'New World Order', The secret plan of the wor...

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8. Kingdom Of The Sand

Now I feel that I'm getting older, While I'm sailing across these seas of life, My body is getting colder; Still running from the razor to the knife. ; Can you hear my silent screaming, Someone wants ...

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9. New Jerusalem

I still remember the words of a prophet; That he had said a hundred years ago; About the long waited second coming; Right after the Third World War. ; A young man will come from the Russian mountains,...

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