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1. A Simple Phrase

Sometimes you say; (a) Last phrase of life; You run away; To say good bye; You can say everything; You can say hello; But the real education means; [A simple phrase] (bis); Bye, bye… you say good bye....

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2. Back In The Time

The time passes like a breath; We don’t feel it or see it; Just repair when it’s breaker; When is over; When is tacked. ; Who play car’s like a babe; We are grow and must thinking not only in us; Some...

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3. Excess

The tour is over; We going home; Here I am but; I just don’t know; The drug, the alcohol; Attack you’re mind; You’re body pay; And expensive it’s that; This is a life of excess of all; You’re mind it’...

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4. I Don't Give A Damn

Now that you touched that spot; It's Time for us get this clear; see if you understand; that I don’t give a damn; Oh you lame little bitch; just go away and leave me here; Take all your stupid sarcasm...

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5. I'd Give Anything

It was a freezing night, but somehow I felt warm. The moon wasn’t in the sky but I could see it in your eyes. Empty minded I smiled at you, and waited for feedback. And that is how it started; this lo...

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6. Moon's Land

We are celebrate; The land of moon; A primitive man; Without a sexy girl; The land of moon; The party stared; The whiskey down; Around my neck the drug’s; Escape the “cerebrus”; The land of moon; The ...

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7. My Favorite Drug

A long time ago; Before this moment; I don’t understand that people; I don’t see their problems. ; But now I know; What is that force; It’s the force of drug; Who grasps you and not wide you; I love t...

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8. Terrible Day

I never think I can feel so sad; I never lost before the north of my life; What’s up with me? I don’t wanna feel; I’m very sad for all stupid things; I’m very stress to go on; I wanna stop and die; I ...

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9. The Big Mistake

We just started; And now we have a problem; I do a big mistake; From another girl. ; I never thought; I can feel alive; Because this love is real; …but you don’t understand. ; The big mistake; From an...

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10. Underboust's Song

We are 1, 2; 1, 2, 3… 6! We are the school band; Our name it’s a fool tradition; We don’t have any guitar; Or any bass whit plays our music. ; For the history of other’s band’s; We pass in this fucked...

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11. Underworld

Travel for another world; Where you don’t know anybody; And anybody remembers you; Is this the last time when I see you’re faces? Is this the last meeting? Is this the last breathing? Who supports me ...

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