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1. Alive In The Fire

Well don't blame me if I learned to walk before I flew; I don't blame you, Don't tell me that the world was owed to you; Well maybe that road wasn't right for you. Cause I've seen the faces you've tur...

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2. Believe

All I know is empty; And all I feel's the same; All I've got means nothing; Someone rescue me; From the lonely road that I can't leave; And the only hope is to believe... ; All I am is fading; From al...

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3. Blown Away

You stripped me down of everything; Left me standing all alone; Just to save your innocent self; (You push me closer to the edge); You couldn't stand alone no; You couldn't even stand to fall; And now...

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4. Endless

Lying face down; Afraid to close my eyes; See your face now; As the light turns out; God knows I try; But I keep setting my self to fail; I changed my mind; (chorus); So I let go; Of my wanted pride; ...

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5. Face Of a Lie

You couldn't get another dime out of life; Without the limelight, another trip in the night; Will it make it allright? It took a second to find that you were one of their kind; Don't forget about me; ...

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6. Gravity

I found another one; Who's infected by greed; Such a lazy one; I think I know what we need; It's a loaded gun; We'll put it right between the teeth; Of a lucky one; We'll put him down on his kness; An...

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7. Halos

From the beginning you were dead; Such a pointless life you've led; How many times can you break; (Before you fall apart); So many ways that I can blame; All of the choices that you've made; How many ...

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8. Healing

Shake me; Cause I'm not awake I'm dreaming; This'll all go away it's not happening to me; It's not happening to me; And then it hit me; And it took me off of my feet; Suddenly I was empty; From losing...

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9. Holding On

Oh I'm so close to giving up; While I am staring at the ceiling; Cause it's too much I've had enough; And I don't think I'm strong enough; To survive this fear, I hope I disappear. ; Cause we're lost ...

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10. In Vain

The evidence was there for you to point the finger, A momentary lapse cast me into oblivion. Am I wasting all this time; Just trying to find the world in your eyes? I've been holding back myself; But ...

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11. Miracle

She never wanted no she never wanted it to be; Another loss, another regret; It's been so long that I've become another memory; Losing Progress; Hide come quickly she's a criminal; And she knows it al...

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12. Open Me Up

How can I see, shadowed ambiguity? With these eyes deceived and bring my mind into obscurity; Can't find that memory, awake in a dream; Please release my hand, it's not painful, smile; 'Cause you open...

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13. Sickness

Will you ever change? All I see's the same thing. Watched you run away, watched you run from me. ; You were such a shame tonight with double crossed bloodshot eyes; She fell to the ground, well it's a...

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14. Signs

Are you too blind; To see this timid lie; Weak from flight; Caress the oblivious; Poisoned pair; Seduced you unaware; Latch on in fright; And feed my molded mind; Direct me till I fall right into line...

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15. The Moment

I woke just to watch you sleep; The way you breathe, The effect you had on me, But maybe I foolishly waited patiently; For the things that I'll never see; I guess what you wanted; Was a product of a t...

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16. The Witness

Shed some light into this; Hopeless mess; Shield the most innocent eyes; Precious witnesses; Don't watch I'm slipping; I'm losing sight of myself; Feels like the first time; And I don't want you to se...

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17. Wake Up

Wake up, save us from turning to; Everything we see inside you; Hate runs deep in that part of you; And the cycle will continue; So unaware, we're so unafraid; Your empty stare, leads your eyes away; ...

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