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1. Behind Blind Eyes

Behind blind eyes, Synaptic silence. Apocalypse; Eclipsing dawn. ; Obscured by tears; Bled from inside, The drowning dream; That comes to life; When we wake. ; Behind blind eyes, The spinal cord conto...

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2. Creation Defies Creator

Here lie the embers of a sun, Light stolen by the tides of time. The stepping stones of worlds beyond; That fade forgotten in our flight. ; Abandoned dreamers left for dead, The pilgrims' path has rea...

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3. Curse Made Flesh

Ascension into power, Eternal souls in trade, Political corruption; Of the ethnic-cleansing game. Domination's madness, Insanity the prize. Power-hungry ego trap, Destruction in disguise. ; No stoppin...

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4. Most Low Gods

Most low gods; In hushed incantation; Rising up from the depths of the night. Most low gods; Through greed and through malice; Are summoned forth to extinguish; The light. ; Human souls are turned; In...

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5. Seventh Night

Born out of dust; Giving flesh to a whim. The second son's; Sacrificial sin. ; This mortal span is closing in. Prime the next one to begin. Eternity is taking seed; From a sleepless dream. This mortal...

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6. Six Feet Under Eden

Six feet under Eden; Lies the broken bond of; Stone etched birthright. Damning silence; Choked in human dust. ; Petrified in ash of; Stone gates cast down as the; Sword of flame drinks deep; Of traito...

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7. The Savage Circle

We've summoned up the suffering; Sufficient for eternity. Never felt before on flesh, Like lying in the serpent's rings. Infest, corrode and conquer them, The thoughts that breed benevolence. Desensit...

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8. Veil Of Twilight

Raising timeless, silenced voices, Summon those on ashen winds. The people who in darkness retch; Awaiting the eternal end. ; Maintain the watch in bloodless lust; Confined in these weak mortal shells...

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9. Zealot

Zealot, extreme believer, That your cause is just. Reading between the lines; On weapons of distrust. Spoken words are ammunition; For the martyr heart. Twist the meaning, Righteous seeming, Shape you...

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