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1. As Blackness Comes

In a dream; we quarrel again; don't love each other; our eyes are black like the hell; in a dream; our looks are dead romance; there's no rest; and the night is forever; I lose hold; how long does it ...

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2. Death Of A Rose

A grey December day in the cemetary; he is standing at her gravestone; and he is reading the golden epitaph; lost in rememberance...once more. ; Her beauty was a flower in bloom; the nicest thing in h...

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3. I Feel Good

I awake and it is morning; I breathe and it is wind; I stand up and it is sunrise; I wander and it is clouds moving; I drink and it is rivers flowing; I walk and it is horses racing; I roar and it is ...

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4. Luna's Sisters

A gate to acity of green marble light; never seen so pure elsewhen in life; it was the realm ivory dreamers hope... and long for, but the gate seem sealed now forever. ; Luna the Goddess dethrone now ...

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5. Signal To Noise

From my armchair I look into the future, see the darkness rising; a tidal wave that takes my thoughts and flood them into the past; on to the shore of puzzled memories, torn and forgotten; now forming...

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6. The Double Headstone

So flee this place oh wanderer; as soon as you have read this words; Never were this brothers wich are bruined here; meant to live so soon the earth; the light of nature and of life; of stones and wat...

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7. The Night Of Our Flight

Great fires, happy faces; a boiling cauldron before the eyes; the blood within the veins run hot; a thousand laughts fill the dusk; unaware of the cloak rising; defeated by the mighty flames; while ev...

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8. Winter Solstice

Within the misty late year's forest; In times when slouds and trees stand empty; Nine thousand wolves are gathered in the snow; To raise a long and greyish howl. ; Ebony black the earth went into the ...

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