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1. A Gift To Life

You talk about life and the welfare here; But don't you fucking talk with me, cause what the fuck do you know? You talk about the poor and the unemployed; And all of them with no home, but what the fu...

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2. Capitalist Sucker

Tonight I'll take the nightshift; I'm working for survival; I steal from the wealthy; Cause they have it all; You capitalist sucker, I show you no remorse; When... I take what I want... ; I smash and ...

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3. Dead Without You

We are sitting in the pub; With nothing to do; We're just waiting for you; We drink a lot of booze; Nothing else to choose; In this day of boredom; There you fucking are; Come inside with us; And the ...

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4. Divorced From Life

Today is a new day when I face the ground; And nobody out here makes a fucking sound; I turn my face up to the dark old sky; I see all the birds, in circles they cry; Today is agony... you fuckers... ...

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5. Don't Push Me Too Far

So many years you have been after me; Trying to force me to live as you please; But don't you fucking mess with me; I'm not like you, I'm not fucking blind; I'm struggling to be free from your kind; S...

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6. Drink My Pain

Drink all my pain and come inside of me; Taste the real life of a grim reality; From the cradle I have only seen; How it works in the darkest dreams; Drink my pain, my own sisters sorrow; Drink my pai...

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7. Gutter Romance

I sit here with my gutter stones; It's cold outside in my freezing bones; Can someone help me inside for a while? To warm my body and give me a hug; Then you can give me something to drink; Celebrate ...

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8. Just Another Day

It's just another day now and I don't know what to say; Life is so beautiful and my nerves are on the edge; I think I need a drink now cause I don't wanna see; All the things around me that you call r...

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9. Nervous Breakdown

It's a loss of economy; Oh shit, I'm so tired; I wish to go to sleep now; But I won't betray you; My heart is speeding like in a rage; Fuck it... I'm a nervous breakdown; A white line on the table; Su...

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10. Stories From An Outlaw

Take all your fucking classes; And shove them up your arse; Another fucked up boring class; Is just a fucking farce; Don't try to push me in your line; I'm so tired of your bounds; I don't need your g...

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11. Suburban Heroes

The same punk rock show is here with you again; Not so much different than last time we met; We are still the rebel punx of our own kind; If we need we make it so fuck the system now; We are suburban ...

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12. Ten Points Road

Maybe I'm out far away of your lines; Someone complaining about my dirty life; Who the fuck are you? I'm more human than you; I break your laws and you can stand and watch; No matter what you say... I...

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13. The Whore Needs More

I'm back from yesterday's chaos; And I know I need more from life; I try to walk my own way outside; I try to make it a beautiful day; Life's so cold, I'm so bored, fucking wars, I need more; Life's s...

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14. Time To Resign

Hey there, Mr. Persson; How do you really feel; Is this your democracy? More for the wealthy; And less for the poor; Is this what you wanted? There's always the same in your government corridors; So M...

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15. Trousers And Junk

Have you heard the latest news? That some call us a waste? Some call us fucking losers; Cause we living off the state; Well, I say fuck that noise; We're survivors for one day; Don't come here and ask...

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16. Welcome To Anarcho City

Welcome inside our new home it's a city for the doomed; Come inside and stay a while, let's all have a party now; We can sit and celebrate, in our backyard we can liberate; Friends of ours, come insid...

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