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1. Believe In Goodbye

Believe in Goodbye; You are never tied to someone, who could ever walk away; Their part in the story is over…; Can’t keep giving more than they take, nothing changes; Now I don’t feel anything; Leave ...

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2. Burning Beds

Fell in your maddening world I'll never wake up from this dream. ; trying to discern between clarity and memory. ; it's possible that i've created this in spite of me, all my adornments seem to wear t...

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3. Devil In My Hand

Devil in My Hand; ; Who do you think that I am; that I could stand up here and spin it this way. ; Pretentious about my life; as if it happened only yesterday; ; Passé I must seem to be, ; But we're a...

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4. Remember Your Ghost

Remember your Ghost; Is it all that you needed from this, I hope it meant anything, anything; We had no chance, crushed by the bare feet of circumstance; We were in; Life stumbles by like the face of ...

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