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1. Come Alive

Heavy weather at the show tonight; The band will blast like dynamite; Violence sizzling in the crowd; Banging heads and getting loud; COME ALIVE Hit the pit tonight; You are an angry man thrash and sl...

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2. Contaminated

I'm trapped now for sure; I've been told there's no cure; Once it seeps in your brain; It will drive you insane; TRAPPED NO CURE; YOU'RE DEAD FOR SURE; Tearing up my common sense; Testing my intellige...

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3. Eve Of The End

The air is still like Christmas eve; There's not a soul on the strees; All eyes have turned upon the stars; A prayer is held with each new hour; They kneel in fear; The children lay and weep; With eve...

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4. Executioner

He was a beaten child; Planning all his life to fill his one desire; So hurt he prayed to die; Feeling hurt and battered but afraid to cry; Fear the executioner; His blood runs cold; Vigilante on the ...

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5. Immolation

It's your life your suicide you've got beliefs; And baby maybe you can change the world; One time that's all it takes to spark the flame; Or lodge the bullit deep inside your brain; It's death by immo...

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6. Judgement Day

Here it comes there's no escape my time for life is through; Nothing that I testify can be construed as truth; Uncle's had his eye on me he's seen things I've done; There is nowhere left to hide there...

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7. Micro Logic

You say there's impracticality in our adult society; A frozen futuristic, optimistic, illogistic dream; Leave it to invention to create a war prevention; Method using boms to right wrongs; Relieving a...

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8. The Prophecy

I am the hate that's trekking through your mind; I am the cause of all your evils; You are my tools my everlasting fools; I'll use your lives to keep me creeping; I mix reality with thoughtwaves of th...

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9. The Ugly Dude

He was conceived just like the rest of us; But when it came down to birth; He had a face like a butt; And his parents thew up; He went to school and the kids were so cruel; They all would torture and ...

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10. Weirdo Man

Psycho ward; Is your home; You're so weird; You're so dumb; Momma's boy; Daddy's disgrace; Snivelling wimp; Psycho face; You're so week; You're a geek; You're a creep; Stupid freak; You got a psycho f...

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