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1. Crazy Love

[Verse 1: Mc Jin]; Tell me do you believe in love at first sight? It catches you the moment you fall but it hurts like; If you were to ever lose it you would fall to pieces; No need to wonder yeah I'm...

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2. Have Your Heart

I don't want your money; I don't want your time; I don't want your tears; So stop crying; I don't want your praise; I don't want to dance; I don't want your worship; So put those hands; I don't need y...

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3. Higher Learning

[Hook: Uncle Reece]; Empty souls are screaming; Hollow hearts are burning; In the streets they're fiending; For higher learning; I'm ready to go higher; I'm ready to go higher; Let's go higher and hig...

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4. I Can't Help Myself

First let me start by saying; I an't here to judge nobody; Some of yall looking depressed; Soaking in your problems; Worried about tomorrow; And tomorrow isn't promised; My worship is for real; I'm ju...

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5. S&N Life

[Verse 1: Erick Dayz]; Interrupting your program; We sponsored by The Of Most; [?] and [?] to share the light and call them cut throat; Constant reminder of the flesh; spirit is tough so Jewelee Oohle...

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6. Still with you

[Verse 1: Mc Jin]; Lord I thank You for Your time; and how you show me favor; I know You're listenin' to each and every single prayer; Despite the fact I've wandered You still had my back; And I'll ad...

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7. Until I Pass Out

1st verse; I truly understand what people may say; They believe to think how we think is far from okay; But I believe it's never okay to abandon your dreams; And it just so happens that our dream; Is ...

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