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1. Bonecock

courage; it's time for; everybody wants to be me; (but) i'm gonna be what you are not; and if you try to come between me; i'm gonna tell you to fuck right off

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2. Crossdresser

i don't want to dress in girls' clothes cause i'm a boy; why do you make me dress in girls' clothes; i'm a boy and should dress in boys' clothes; transvestite, transvestite; you're not girls, you are ...

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3. Explode

i don't need your help; to explode; i can explode all on my own; you can just watch; and you will see; i'll have exploded; 'fore the count of three; oh explode; explode everything; i can explode; all ...

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4. I Am The Line

Everything is falling to shit. I'm sure you know what i mean. You can't fuck with.. Can't fuck with me. Falling buildings, blood is churning, Heads are turning, it's assuring; You can't fuck with, fuc...

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5. King Of The Kangaroos

Think you can rape the land and run like a tourist? Think you can run from the creatures of the forest? And say who cares? Who cares? Who cares? We care. We care. ; Fish will jump out of their bowls. ...

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6. Octopus Angel

if i see no reason; then i see no prize; without you octopus, i don't see a reason why. help me find a place; where i can go; so you can take me down; with you; angel, hold me; with all your tentacles...

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