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1. Better Off Gay

Sometimes I wonder why you want to be with me; oh yeah woah; when you tell me you love me do I still believe; woah yeah woah; cos once upon a time when the band was playing; you threw that glass and I...

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2. Dead To Me

Walk away; That's one thing that you're good at; When things get rough, quit and start again; And you tried to drag me down; Even when you're not around; I'd hate to say that I hate you; But it's gett...

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3. Handstand

When last summer came; I hit the road again; To leave your open arms; There is no lucky charm to help me get through; Be without you; I never wanted to, but I had to; Say one more time; You'll be fine...

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4. On The Jazz

Well, I stepped from the van; Took a knock to my head; I've got the last twenty minutes to make out who I am; To impress her, I'm a bad dresser; Could've made an effort and I should know better; Do yo...

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5. Postcards

The story starts with a crazy little girl; I took a photograph and walked around the world; I sent her a postcard from every single town; Weeks go by and I'm starting to write the same; I’m writing to...

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6. Super Powered

Check to see whats on t.v., i learded to speak in Japanease, save the world though not today, the cheques in the mail I'm on my way, fighting fears, money and power, my phone always rings when I'm in ...

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7. This Always Happens

I broke the wing-mirror off your car last night; And then we got into a big fight; I didn't mean to do it; This time I really blew it; Tomorrow it'll be alright; I didn't think you'd be this bad; I'm ...

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8. Willow

He’s got pictures of her on his wall, He watches every episode even though he’s seen them all, Her name is Willow, her hair is red, We tried to tell him, this is what we said:; She’s a Ginger, Minger,...

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